Sunday, March 6, 2011

52 days!

52 days until I return to Washington. I'm already packing and shipping stuff..
I'm so excited! I wish it was coming sooner, but we will get there.
I just have to be patient.

Karter is getting so big! He got his 2 month shots last week..
He weighs 13 pounds, 9 ounces.. No wonder my back is always hurting!
He's starting to sleep in his own bed during the day. Once he has  that down,
It will be time to start it at night too <3
I am soo EXCITED! <3


  1. 52 days!! Im excited! I can't wait to see and MEET ya'll in person!! Did you find out where you gonna be living??

  2. We will be staying with a couple friends for a few days, on post. But, then we will be living in Ainsworth Court Apartments. I'm super excited!! <3