Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving week questions.. From Lauren's blog!

I figured, while I wait for the Pumpking Spice Cake to bake, I would do some blogging! <3
Here's the questions!

Here are this week's questions!

1. Name 5 things you are grateful for!
I am grateful for: My husband. My son, who is currently driving me crazy! My family, although they generally drive me crazy too! My amazing in- laws, who I love so much. And my life. I love absolutely EVERYTHING about it.

2. What is you favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner?
That's a difficult one.. I'm going to have to say 2. At my moms' house, her cranberry sauce, made from scratch. At my in-laws, my MILs' greenbean casserole. IT'S AMAZING!!

3. Do you have any family traditions for Thanksgiving?
Just spending my day in the kitchen cooking with the girls.

4. Are you staying home or traveling for Thanksgiving?
This year, I'm travelling to my in-laws! <3

5. What else do you do on Thanksgiving day besides eat?
Cook, watch my brother and sister in laws play football.. since I have to sit out this year :(


  1. Aw aweswome! you should link this up with blog it came from. Do you know how?

  2. no clue!! i'm not very good at all this..