Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend catch-up!

Well.. I was wrong on Wednesday.. It was false labor- contractions every 2 to 4 minutes that weren't doing anything.. They gave me some medication and sent me home.. Friday, I got all my Christmas shopping done. Saturday, everything was wrapped and threw my little sister a birthday party. Sunday, family "Christmas dinner" (we know it was early.. but we had out of town visitors..)! Cardiology appointment went well. Everything's looking good (Thank goodness!!) Hubby will be home in less than 24 hours <3 And just finished decorating a gingerbread train with my siblings. So much fun until the icing started melting!! lol!
Tomorrow: Pick hubby up from the airport <3 Babysitting for my mom! Baking and decorating Christmas cookies with the kids!! <3 AND! My 38 week checkup. THEN THIS KID NEEDS TO JOIN THE REAL WORLD!! <3 Mommy and Daddy wanna meet him! <3

Hope everyone's doing well! <3


  1. I am so excited for you and to hear that u are in ACTUAL LABOR and then to pics of your precious lil boy! :) It is so exciting and make me even MORE excited for our lil boy to be here. And then excited to when we can all actually meet in person :) l0l
    Your so busy.. idk how you do it.. I have NO energy like my entire pregnancy.. he took it all.. I get some here and there and these days I can barely walk or move at all without pain..
    your always so busy doing things and I am like I wish I had half the energy u do :)