Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday... UGH!

So, yesterday I had my check-up with my cardiologist. I figured it'd be like every other appointment with him... I'd go in, he'd laugh at how big I'm getting, and I'd leave- perfectly fine! Well... God had another plan. I've been put back on some heart medications.. I'm having a few problems that he's worried about.. especially with me being pregnant and all.. If the medications don't work, I don't know what will happen.. I'm hoping they will just let it go, considering the problems aren't "life threatening" for me or Karter, but I have a feeling they will do a c-section.. Which I won't be happy about! However, my check up to find out if the medication is working is only a couple days before my husband comes home on R&R, so it's likely that he'll be here if they do decide to do a c-section, THANK GOODNESS!!
Sorry.. needed to vent.

As for today! Although it's only 8:20 am, it's been a good one! My friend, who took my pregnancy pictures the other day, posted some of them today! I think they turned out pretty well for as many complications as we had! LOL! It was soo much fun though. Here are a couple of my favorites! <3
Gotta have the Gators jersey!! <3

Cute little bear my MIL bought my hubby!

Wearing one of my hubbys shirts.. My favorite! <3

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